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Imagine a country lush in tropical forests 
and emerald rice paddies, a place where
bustling commerce contrasts with peaceful
country life, and a nation alive with tradition
and culture -- this is Viet Nam! The Kingdom of Cambodia, like many countries
in the region, has had a turbulent time in
the latter half of the 20th century, but now,
once again it is at peace and set to take its
place as one of the most magical and rewarding
destinations of Southeast Asia. Singapura, meaning 'Lion City' was named
long ago by a Sumatra prince visiting
the island and upon sighting a lion, he
was inspired to find a city on the spot...
or so goes the Malay legend. Indonesia conjures images of beautiful beaches,
lush vegetation, active volcanoes, magical
rituals and dances, exotic people, and the
hypnotic and seductive 'Island of Gods' -- Bali.
The island's unique culture, her gentle, friendly
people and unsurpassed natural beauty make her
a mythical island come true. The Kingdom of Thailand, formerly the Kingdom
of Siam and the only Southeast Asian country
which has never been colonized, has been
enticing travelers for centuries. Most
captivating are the arts and architecture, 
traditional customs of each region, and
mouthwatering cuisine, just to name a few -- 
all of which are happily the result of a
fusion of Chinese and Indian influences. As a destination Myanmar offers great natural
beauty, magnificent archaeological sites,
stunning pagoda and temple architecture, and
warm and hospitable people. For the majority
of the population, Buddhism is the center of
individual life and the monastery is the
center of the community. Land-locked and laid-back Laos is the forgotten 
country of South East Asia. Laos is distinctive for
its leisurely and spiritual way of life -- a country
where time is forgotten and Buddhism dominates 
landmarks and daily life.

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